When SA-ME is Definitely Not the Same

Feb 22 , 2021


We are here today to discuss the merits and drawbacks of snapling…and finer footwear. And not to start with a negative, but no: snapling is not the act of drinking Snapple. It’s slang in Israel for rappelling. You know, going down a cliff or cave wall or bridge, etc., with ropes. To some, this is just another busy day at the office.

Or a day hanging out—literally—on the side of the office building. The good construction guys at KISOS are in the habit of doing such a thing on a regular basis. Take a Dramamine and look at these pictures…18 stories up, harnessed in, building things and repairing. We like to think they might well be spackling as they’re snapling. Oh, and here’s the thing: they’re wearing our FUGUs.

Those are photos of our SA-ME dangling there. Not to worry. The double scotch velcro system that replaces the laces is keeping everything together. Really, who wants to bend over and retie shoelaces, whether on the sidewalk or 18 stories above it? The guys at KISOS prefer our FUGUs for their flexibility and comfort. We think you will, too.

They’re both light and sturdy. They fit just like a glove, only for your feet. (But go ahead and buy another pair for your hands; we won’t mind.) The SA-ME are made of vegan-friendly canvas-and-cotton, with recycled rubber. From sole to ankle, they hug and conform, secure and protect. Try them in black, black with red stitching, and grey.

For the weekend warrior, for the casual stroller, for long-lasting comfort and style, the SA-ME is always two steps ahead—and 18 floors above—the competition.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.