Maybe you just discovered Fugu now or you have been a strong supporter for many years, but most of you will not know that the beginning of the Fugu journey actually began in 2003, during our travels in Japan and is initially inspired by the unique and traditional style of the Tabi shoe.

We started to pick our brains on creating a style of shoe, which would be a perfect mixture between Western and Japanese aesthetics, mixed in with our own personal essence and sense of style. During this process, we placed importance on comfort, style, versatility, sustainability, ease of wear and our personal morals and ethical beliefs. The end result? The fugu shoes collection that you see and wear today.


This is a question that we receive very often and we want to take a little moment of your time to explain to you all, the story behind our business name – because we think it’s a pretty cool one.

Fugu translates to blowfish in Japanese.

Here at Fugu, we have forever been inspired and in awe of the underwater world that hosts some of the most incredible creatures on this planet. In the depths of the ocean the blowfish resides. This cute harmless looking creature, that when threatened puffs up to 3 times its body size, is considered to be the second most poisonous creature in the world and has only a select few enemies that can succeed in hunting or harming it without dying from the blowfishes poison first. The blowfish is an untouchable of the ocean and not only do we think this creature is pretty rad, we also connect strongly to the symbolism, strength and modesty of this underwater creature, as well as its edginess, which we believe represents our brand very well.

Our brand name is not the only underwater creature you can find on our site. In fact almost every product of ours is named after an underwater creature in Japanese.

  • “To have a pair of shoes that are so comfortable, so natural, that feels like you are walking barefoot, like you are not wearing anything at all. We aim for our shoes to help you come closer to this naked state of being, to help you maintain and not be distracted from the connection to your inner sense of peace, whilst deceivingly still wearing something beautiful on your feet.“

    Very obviously, as a brand and as a team, we are highly influenced by the Japanese way and the Japanese culture. We are also a very spiritually led team and are also highly influenced by the yogic principle of Ahimsa, the principle of non violence, meaning our shoes and products are always 100% cruelty free and Vegan. This combination, with the additional ingredients of zen living, karmic cycles, wabi sabi and minimalism, combined with the want and need for natural comfort and the importance of a barefoot feeling is the recipe for the fugu shoes you know and wear today.

    The final outcome? The “superfood” of shoes , our “superboots”: A pair of shoes, created from a combination of canvas, cotton and recycled rubber, in minimal block colors, 100% cruelty free, vegan, flexible in all directions due to the Velcro closures, extremely versatile in its use and lastly a zero drop sole for a barefoot feeling and natural body posture and support. Style, comfort, versatility and respect to all living forms. Period.
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