SA-BA: Friendly to Vegans and the TSA

Feb 22 , 2021


In the security line in the Aruba airport, preparing to return to the States, a man held up his sign: “Do NOT remove your shoes.” And we suspected it wasn’t lax security so much as it was prevention of a major attack of stinky feet overwhelming everybody on that hot, muggy day. We say thank you, Aruba airport: you kept us all from passing out.

When it comes to FUGU, on the other hand, you have a great advantage when following the Transportation Security Administration’s shoe rule. You know the drill. Belt off, with pants falling. Laptops, phones, tablets, change in the bin. And shoes off. To those wearing laces, an easier way is afoot.

We give you: Velcro (from the French velours and crochet—the velvet hook). And for your consideration, take our SA-BA. With these, you have ankle-hugging security, stylish good looks, superb design, and tremendous comfort. Yes, they’re great for airport lines.

The thought behind our SA-BA, though, and our entire line of FUGU shoes: that’s where we’re going with this. If you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or environmentally aware, footwear is a tough one. FUGU took that whole notion of “man-made materials” and showed it the door. We don’t use leather, and we’re careful to honor the requests and expectations of a vegan lifestyle.

And so: canvas-with-cotton is melded with recycled rubber to form a perfect union. The double scotch Velcro holds everything sturdily in place, yet can be removed at a moment’s notice (or left in place if returning from Aruba.) They’re available in black and black with red stitching.


We’re confident that our shoes will stay out of landfills. Yes, you’ll be tempted to eat your shoes because they really do look delicious. Don’t eat your shoes. Wear your SA-BAs. Good for the environment. Good for the sole. Good for you.