TABI Dances on Your Feet

Feb 22 , 2021


We flew from New York to San Francisco this past weekend and decided this: at least in a heat wave, the weather makes up its mind. In the Bay Area you drive two blocks, the fog rolls in and the temperature drops 20 degrees. Which, of course, got us thinking about footwear and had us wanting some sort of magic solution that can protect like a boot and breathe like a sandal…and look great and bring world peace.

Well, three out of four ain’t bad: FUGU, your home of the cool Japanese shoes, is proud to deliver our TABI footwear. These may not bring about the whole world peace scenario, but they’re so fine that we’re convinced, when you wear them, they’ll at least bring a long pause in any existing hostility in the world.

TABI seems like a contradiction…until you put them on. They’re light as a feather, yet provide snug protection. They look almost fragile, yet prove that elegant things can also be tough. And even if you’re not a dancer (yes, dancers love wearing the TABI), these will have you dancing through your world.

It’s an interesting evolution for FUGU. The Japanese line is more than 60 years old. It started as the go-to footwear for the Japanese workforce. With the TABI, we’ve branched out into making work—and dance, which sits somewhere comfortably between work and play—exceptionally cool. You heard it here first: work can be cool. But only if you wear the right shoes.

Take in the ankle-length design of soft cotton of the TABI. Laceless, naturally, there are stainless steel pins creating an innovative hook-and-loop system to keep things in place. This helps make that improbable combination of gentle and durable surprisingly perfect.

That’s cotton hugging you, ankle to foot, with a thin rubber sole on the bottom for flexibility to move with your every grand-plié or rumba or walk down the street feel just right. And take in the quasi-webbed design. Wearing our TABI, your big toes have never felt like so much attention has been given to them.