UNAGI for Total Awareness

Feb 22 , 2021


Let us now define UNAGI…in our own way. We’re not talking about the unagi sushi (yep, it’s eel) or that character from Super Mario. Closer to what we’re getting at is unagi as a total state of awareness, used by Karate experts and people who want to be totally prepared. Okay, here’s the rub: At FUGU, we create our own definition through classy footwear. We don’t define it. We wear it.

Presenting UNAGI: The first pair of shoes that bring about total awareness, from the moment you put them on (not scientifically tested, just a hunch). Now, these are shoes we’re talking about, so definitions might get a bit confused. We assure you that no eels were harmed in production.

In fact, like our entire line of shoes, these are vegan friendly. The UNAGI are constructed from harvested cotton that cuddles you, from the ankles down to the sides of your feet. And that’s a semi-hard rubber sole on the bottom. Holding everything in place is a Velcro scotch grip, employing a technology that provides for maximum support. They’re available in black and black/purple.

Two things separate UNAGI from your average footwear. The first: while these are sturdy shoes that can handle most any situation, they are also incredibly light, extremely soft, and unbelievably comfortable. Get it? Strong and delicate. Sturdy and soft. The UNAGI are the yin-yang of shoes.

The second element here is our “total awareness” factor. We’re confident that you’ll be well on your way to total awareness in a pair of UNAGIs, propelled by its comfort and strength. What distinguishes the whole experience, though, is how much other people will become totally aware of you as you walk—or glide or float, or whatever totally aware people do—through the world. So, if they ask for your UNAGIs, fall back on the other definition and tell ‘em to go eat sushi.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.