SA-BA: Way Better Than Tape

Feb 22 , 2021


What makes the perfect pair of shoes? A few years ago, some foot expert—a shoe anthropologist, really—determined that the best thing to put on your feet for the greatest support and comfort resembled…well, masking tape. It was all padded on the soles, naturally, and probably took some getting used to. But there you go: masking tape.

At FUGU, home of the cool Japanese shoes, we’ve got a superb pair of shoes we think works way better than tape. We proudly offer up to you the SA-BA. An ankle-length version of the SA-ME, these are pretty/handsome and smart at the same time. As you can see, they’re laceless. Instead, we keep it all together, from sole to ankle, with innovative Velcro scotch technology.

FUGU has been in business for more than 60 years. Originally designed for the Japanese workforce, the FUGU line has grown quickly and strongly throughout the world. The strength of the SA-BA—what really distinguishes it from the rest of the pack—is the innovative design that makes these shoes versatile for almost any occasion or terrain.

Walk, hike, work, stroll, or lounge with equal pleasure and support in this flexible and airy footwear. Vegan friendly, the SA-BA is made from recycled rubber and cotton mixed with canvas. It’s rain resistant and comes in a broad range of sizes, in both black and black with red stitching.

So, if you really want those masking tape shoes, knock yourself out. You’ll be a hit in line at the post office with people who forgot to wrap their packages properly. Otherwise, we highly recommend to you the SA-BA, an exceptionally crafted pair of shoes that we’d wear to the post office—and everywhere else—any day of the week.