Shoes: A FUGU History

Feb 22 , 2021


The shoe: what’s the deal with that? The word itself probably comes from the German schuh (a great combination of “sc” and “huh?”), but that’s another story.

Cave drawings in Spain that date back about 15,000 years show animal skins wrapped around people’s feet. Anthropologists speculate that the earliest shoes were made about 30,000 years ago. And that’s where FUGU comes into the picture. No, though our footwear has been called timeless, we weren’t around 30,000 years ago.

But if we had been around back then, we’d be the ones with the alternative footwear stand, propelling evolution in a revolutionary way, and letting the animals be animals, finding kinder, gentler ways of covering your toes. And all that just before we went and invented the wheel.

Jump ahead a few millennia, and try a pair of our shoes, and you’ll absolutely feel the proof-positive results of forward thinking. Because we’re all about finer vegan-friendly footwear. Take a base of recycled rubber sole, build onto that a combination of cotton and canvas, and top it off with double Scotch Velcro to keep everything in place.

We wear shoes to protect our feet from the sidewalk and the rocks, from the heat and the cold, from stubbing our toes and bruising our heels. FUGUs do all that…not to mention reasonable prices and comfort and great looks. But, then again, why not mention it? Glad we had that discussion: Our entire line looks great and is way comfortable, with stunningly reasonable prices.

We’ve got your TABI and SA-ME and SA-BA and UNAGI. Different strides, without hides. Styles to match your every occasion.