Longevity and FUGU Shoes

Feb 22 , 2021


We’ve been going Zen-like, in the moment, in this space for a few months now. You know: how great FUGU shoes are, and how great they feel, and how terrific they look. Not to worry: all that still holds true.

With that, we also want to tell you how great they’re going to be, and how great they’ll still feel, and how terrific they’re going to look…a year, two years, three years from now.

Because there’s no truer way to describe it than to say that—just like your wonderful self—your FUGUs are going to age extremely well. They’ll get to know your ankle and your sole, your toes and your heel.

Okay, they may not reach the status of man and woman’s best friend, or confessor, or lover, or spouse. And yet, for a pair of shoes that ain’t too shabby.

For the record, we’re not saying that your FUGUs should fuse with your DNA. For the sake of peace in the house and the shtink factor: please do everyone a favor and, despite your instincts, take them off at least once a day. Even shoes need to breathe (and so do your neighbors).

But these shoes, man. They’re amazing. The photos peppered throughout this entry are old. These shoes have been down the road, around the corner, to the far reaches of the earth and back. And yet, they’re intact. Dusty around the edges and worn (worn in, not out), but whole.

Check out the SA-BA and the SA-ME, the UNAGI and the TABI. Whether you’re hiking or dancing, climbing or working or playing, we have a style to match your every mood.

Enjoy the cotton-canvas mixture, the recycled rubber soles, the double Scotch Velcro wraps to keep everything in place. Yes: live long and prosper. That’s for you and your FUGUs.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.