Cool People Go FUGU…and Vice Versa

Feb 22 , 2021


Yes, we’ve seen it happen all too many times…to the point that we’re just going to call it a phenomenon. It’s pretty phenomenal. Check it out:

Say you’re having an average day. Not great, not bad. Average. On a scale of one to 10, you peg yourself at five. Maybe a four or six, but don’t push it. Your hair looks just okay. Your clothes are rumpled, and you wanted them ironed. Worse: your clothes are ironed, and you wanted them rumpled.

And then it happens. You make one seemingly small yet essential adjustment. And it feels transformative. Have we ever mentioned this is a blog about FUGU shoes?

We won’t be so audacious as to say that simply buying and putting on a pair of FUGUs will change the world. But we’re confident that those same FUGUs will contribute mightily to changing your worldview. Your perspective. Your general feeling that things can be better, will be better.

That rumpled shirt. Hey now: it’s looking terrific. The haircut can wait. You’ll shower tomorrow. Your how’m-I-feeling scale just jumped up a couple points. Could it be the shoes? It’s the shoes, man.

And so our challenge: try these shoes. See if you don’t feel better. Because we spend a whole lot of time walking—and hiking and climbing and running and dancing—through the world. We’re tough on our heels and soles and toes. And FUGU provides an elixir for all that. FUGU is good to your feet.

UNAGI. TABI. SA-ME. SA-BA. We’ve got a style for your mood(s) and your event(s). We’ve got vegan-friendly materials of canvas woven with canvas, molded on top of recycled rubber. We’ve got easy, finger-friendly Scotch Velcro instead of laces. Designed without hides…for all different strides.

We won’t make you cool. You’re already cool. Our shoes simply help remind you that you are.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.