FUGU - High-Performance Shoes

The performance of your shoe is more important to you than most people, at night you dream of juggling 8 balls, smiling at your most recent burn mark from last night’s fire show and obsessively thinking about achieving your next challenge. You spend most of your day on a unicycle, or here you are, finally, able to do a handstand without moving for 10 seconds. You’re an artist, and your art is your life. It is clear that without strenuous training and perseverance, all of this would not have happened. We know what you’re talking about, we know very well.


Special performance shoes

Firm grip, light shoe, peripheral grip, and a breathing shoe. Hundreds of years of Japanese tradition and expertise in one shoe. It all started from the bottom-up, from the workers to construction artists, climbing artists, woodworkers, ironsmiths and from then it is all ancient history. Everyone was exposed to it – Martial arts, circus, fire artists and jugglers. In recent years, more artists have embraced our footwear – Traditional sports and street sports, yoga, fitness and lastly music artists, leading DJs around the world, Psy fans, EDM fans, from Russia, Brazil, the UK, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, and the US. What they all have in common is their love for their art, their persistence and their strong desire to always be able to do what they love best in the most comfortable way.


Special performance shoes

Our high resilience shoe allows you to enjoy a shoe that will support all your art’s challenges. Do you perform for a long time? Our shoe has excellent grip and high-quality orthopedic insole.
The sole of our shoes is made of special lightweight rubber. If you are looking for a strong but lightweight shoe, our shoes won’t let you down but rather help you fly.
And finally, jumping, flying, juggling, whatever your addictions are, sweat is part of the work. Some will say it’s the best part. Our shoes ventilating canvas will give you another layer of comfort helping you to keep dry and agile.