the hunger games

A Visit from the FUGU Clause

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the closet

FUGU: A glimpse at your future closet.
FUGU: A glimpse at your future closet.

Not a shoelace was stirring, so we conducted an audit;

The FUGUs had been placed—two-by-two, and with care—

In hopes that human feet would soon wear ‘em outta there.


The shoes were nestled all snug in their places,

Ready to move…and quick: there were no laces.

What’s this? Velcro to keep our feet protected:

All-around comfort here: a technique perfected.


The SA-ME Blue (Special Collection): Hungry?
The SA-ME Blue (Special Collection): Hungry?

Such a handsome collection of shoes had never been seen,

Full of style and comfort…try them on—you’ll see what we mean.

They’re vegan-friendly, which means you can take a hike or a slog

Knowing no animals were harmed making these shoes or this blog.


And Fugu is famous: we supply Hollywood, if you want to inquire;

Actors are wearing our line in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

They went with the SA-ME, which hugs ankles during the action,

Providing maximum pleasure and most excellent traction.



 TORO Blue (Yellow pants and ankle massage not included).

TORO Blue (Yellow pants and ankle massage not included).

So many great choices…which one will you buy?

They give great flexibility to both night and day,

Go ahead: get them all. It’s the American way.


Crafted with skill and your optimal joy in our mind,

We’re ahead of the curve, the competition behind.

Non-FUGU-footed people give jealous looks as you pass:

Wearing cool Japanese shoes—sturdy so you won’t fall on your



not what you can do for your shoes but what they can do for you

The answer is clear for Christian and Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu:

The finest footwear to be had by man, woman and child,

The new TABI MIJI-KAI. Webbed. Buy it on the web.
The new TABI MIJI-KAI. Webbed. Buy it on the web.

FUGU is worn just as easily on the street as in the wild.


So, in this holiday season we say: you deserve FUGU on your feet;

From ankle to toe, you’ll find joy in each pair that you meet.

For every person who has not yet discovered:

Try magnificent FUGU…We’ve got you covered.

Hungry for the SA-ME

Sometimes it’s all about building the buzz. Here’s an example: We receive an email announcing that someone re-tweeted someone else’s Twitter post. Really? The news in this is that somebody knows how to link to a 140-character-limited message that’s been written by another person. It makes the head spin.

 FUGU SA-ME: black with red stitching.

FUGU SA-ME: black with red stitching.

At FUGU, we have other ideas on what’s newsworthy. We give you The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Well, it’s not news quite yet (look for it in theaters November 22, just in time to ride the Thanksgiving holiday movie wave). A movie franchise and our shoes? Yep:

 The SA-ME: grey is good.

The SA-ME: grey is good.

Hollywood contacted us a while back about using our SA-ME shoes for the movie, and we gladly obliged. Haven’t seen the script, so we don’t know if finer footwear is a central plot point in the film. But we’re confident that Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland and whoever else might have worn our gear during the filming of The Hunger Games sequel were very, very comfortable.

 The SA-ME: hungry yet?

The SA-ME: hungry yet?

Start with the recycled rubber and canvas-with-cotton mixture, all vegan-friendly. Then take in the double-velcro scotch technology, providing maximum grip and non-crimping comfort. Move into the instant realization that they’re designed for nearly every occasion and extremely lightweight. And top it off with the ankle-hugging pleasure. Put all that together, and you have a magnificent pair of shoes.

 The FUGU SA-ME: waiting for you.

The FUGU SA-ME: waiting for you.

The SA-ME are available in black, black with red stitching, and grey. Whether you are running around in the woods with a survival instinct on your face until the director yells “Cut!” or simply walking down the street to buy a soda and a granola bar, the SA-ME by FUGU is sure to please your soles, your body, and all the rest of you. Go ahead: tweet and re-tweet that. We won’t mind.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.

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