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Cool People Go FUGU…and Vice Versa

Yes, we’ve seen it happen all too many times…to the point that we’re just going to call it a phenomenon. It’s pretty phenomenal. Check it out:

Say you’re having an average day. Not great, not bad. Average. On a scale of one to 10, you peg yourself at five. Maybe a four or six, but don’t push it. Your hair looks just okay. Your clothes are rumpled, and you wanted them ironed. Worse: your clothes are ironed, and you wanted them rumpled. 

FUGU: Cool
FUGU: Cool

And then it happens. You make one seemingly small yet essential adjustment. And it feels transformative. Have we ever mentioned this is a blog about FUGU shoes?

We won’t be so audacious as to say that simply buying and putting on a pair of FUGUs will change the world. But we’re confident that those same FUGUs will contribute mightily to changing your worldview. Your perspective. Your general feeling that things can be better, will be better.

FUGU: For a twirl.

That rumpled shirt. Hey now: it’s looking terrific. The haircut can wait. You’ll shower tomorrow. Your how’m-I-feeling scale just jumped up a couple points. Could it be the shoes? It’s the shoes, man.

FUGU: Don’t be fooled by imitations.

And so our challenge: try these shoes. See if you don’t feel better. Because we spend a whole lot of time walking—and hiking and climbing and running and dancing—through the world. We’re tough on our heels and soles and toes. And FUGU provides an elixir for all that. FUGU is good to your feet.


FUGU: Coolest
FUGU: Coolest

UNAGI. TABI. SA-ME. SA-BA. We’ve got a style for your mood(s) and your event(s). We’ve got vegan-friendly materials of canvas woven with canvas, molded on top of recycled rubber. We’ve got easy, finger-friendly Scotch Velcro instead of laces. Designed without hides…for all different strides.

We won’t make you cool. You’re already cool. Our shoes simply help remind you that you are.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered. 

Shoes: A FUGU History

The shoe: what’s the deal with that? The word itself probably comes from the German schuh (a great combination of “sc” and “huh?”), but that’s another story.


Definitely NOT part of the FUGU line.

Cave drawings in Spain that date back about 15,000 years show animal skins wrapped around people’s feet. Anthropologists speculate that the earliest shoes were made about 30,000 years ago. And that’s where FUGU comes into the picture. No, though our footwear has been called timeless, we weren’t around 30,000 years ago.

But if we had been around back then, we’d be the ones with the alternative footwear stand, propelling evolution in a revolutionary way, and letting the animals be animals, finding kinder, gentler ways of covering your toes. And all that just before we went and invented the wheel.


FUGU: Definitely up-to-date.
FUGU: definitely up-to-date.

Jump ahead a few millennia, and try a pair of our shoes, and you’ll absolutely feel the proof-positive results of forward thinking. Because we’re all about finer vegan-friendly footwear. Take a base of recycled rubber sole, build onto that a combination of cotton and canvas, and top it off with double Scotch Velcro to keep everything in place.


FUGU: feeling blue and happy.
FUGU: feeling blue and happy.

 We wear shoes to protect our feet from the sidewalk and the rocks, from the heat and the cold, from stubbing our toes and bruising our heels. FUGUs do all that…not to mention reasonable prices and comfort and great looks. But, then again, why not mention it? Glad we had that discussion: Our entire line looks great and is way comfortable, with stunningly reasonable prices.

FUGU: Uplifting.
FUGU: Uplifting.


We’ve got your TABI and SA-ME and SA-BA and UNAGI. Different strides, without hides. Styles to match your every occasion.


FUGU. We’ve got you covered. 

Longevity and FUGU Shoes

We’ve been going Zen-like, in the moment, in this space for a few months now. You know: how great FUGU shoes are, and how great they feel, and how terrific they look. Not to worry: all that still holds true.

With that, we also want to tell you how great they’re going to be, and how great they’ll still feel, and how terrific they’re going to look…a year, two years, three years from now.

FUGU: Aging Gracefully.
FUGU: Aging gracefully.

Because there’s no truer way to describe it than to say that—just like your wonderful self—your FUGUs are going to age extremely well. They’ll get to know your ankle and your sole, your toes and your heel.

Okay, they may not reach the status of man and woman’s best friend, or confessor, or lover, or spouse. And yet, for a pair of shoes that ain’t too shabby.

FUGU: The (old) cat's meow.
FUGU: The (old) cat’s meow.

For the record, we’re not saying that your FUGUs should fuse with your DNA. For the sake of peace in the house and the shtink factor: please do everyone a favor and, despite your instincts, take them off at least once a day. Even shoes need to breathe (and so do your neighbors).

But these shoes, man. They’re amazing. The photos peppered throughout this entry are old. These shoes have been down the road, around the corner, to the far reaches of the earth and back. And yet, they’re intact. Dusty around the edges and worn (worn in, not out), but whole.

FUGU: Just hangin' out.
FUGU: Just hangin’ out.

Check out the SA-BA and the SA-ME, the UNAGI and the TABI. Whether you’re hiking or dancing, climbing or working or playing, we have a style to match your every mood.

Enjoy the cotton-canvas mixture, the recycled rubber soles, the double Scotch Velcro wraps to keep everything in place. Yes: live long and prosper. That’s for you and your FUGUs.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered. 

FUGU: Not all shoes are the SA-ME

There’s a great Native American proverb: “Never criticize a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins.” We embrace that here. Because once you walk a mile in a pair of someone’s FUGUs, we are pretty certain that you’ll forget all about the criticizing and have a great appreciation for his taste in finer footwear.

The FUGU SA-ME in black.
The FUGU SA-ME in black.

FUGU makes some stellar footwear. And we mean that literally: The creative talent behind the new “Star Trek” movie recognized the quality of these shoes and ordered 30 pair of our SA-ME shoes. They’re up there on the screen, worn proudly by the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

The FUGU SA-ME: black with red stitching.
The FUGU SA-ME: black with red stitching.

Maybe you’ll like the laceless technology of double velcro. Or the vegan-friendly material, made from recycled rubber and cotton mixed with canvas. The SA-ME sports all that, plus they have hard rubber soles and a metal front cap. Mostly, though, we think you’ll like them because they are very, very cool Japanese shoes. Oh, and it just might help knowing that you’ll be wearing the same shoes as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

sa-me gray350
The FUGU SA-ME in grey.

The SA-ME by FUGU was originally built as a shoe for working Japanese men and women. With these shoes, it’s easy to understand why the Japanese have such a strong work ethic. They’re lightweight, easy to wear, and all-purpose. SAME is available in a broad range of sizes in black, black with red stitching, and grey.

FUGU in black.
FUGU SA-ME: in the world.

We’re confident that simply slipping these on will instantly convince you and your feet of the flexibility and comfort they provide. And that man you were going to criticize? Forgot all about him, didn’t you? Well, he didn’t forget. You’ve got his FUGUs. Be a sport and give them back…and go get yourself a brand new pair.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.

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