Cool Japanese shoes

FUGU proudly and confidently presents our line of very cool Japanese shoes. They’re so cool that they transcend national borders, cultures, race, creed, and color. We’re not saying that our shoes will bring world peace. And yet: when factory workers, office workers, CEOs, hikers and weekend warriors all wear our FUGUs, we can’t help our feeling that when our Trend meets our Comfort, it’s all good.

Begin with the recycled rubber and canvas/cotton mixture in all our shoes. Enjoy the dual-velcro scotch technology that keeps it all together on select models—it won’t crimp your ankles or cramp your style. Choose from a variety of colors and styles for any occasion. And know that our FUGUs are protective, sturdy, and vegan-friendly.

Yes, Trend has finally met Comfort and blended into the perfect line of finer footwear.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.


We keep it sustainable and handmade in our shop because we believe that these values have a circular effect on the personal lives of our vendors, our local economy, and the world. Our recent sustainability action was to replace all shoeboxes with 100% recycled cotton bags that we produce locally to avoid unnecessary waste and reduce shipping weights as much as possible to your benefit and to the benefit of mother earth.


Remove your current, inferior shoes.
Contemplate your feet.
Picture one part Trend.
Blend in two parts Comfort.
Visualize Trend and Comfort, mingling into finer footwear.
Get yourself a pair of that (very important).
Behold your new FUGU shoes.
Put them on.
Go take a walk.
Repeat daily.

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