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SA-ME – Light weight, all purpose, easy-to-wear shoe. Originally designed as a working shoe, equipped with a double velcro system for maximum fit and flexibility.
Cotton with a hard rubber sole and a metal front cap.



Take a look at the Sa-Me from FUGU.

Constructed from breathable cotton canvas with a recycled hard rubber slip resistant sole, these Japanese shoes are nice to wear and nice to look at. Don’t let their light weight fool you, these lace-less vegan shoes are fierce, perfect for any terrain and can take whatever you’re dishing out.


EU37 – JP23.5, EU38 – JP24, EU38.5 – JP24.5, EU39 – JP25, EU40 –JP25.5, EU41 – JP26, EU42 – JP26.5, EU43 – JP27, EU44 – JP28, EU45.5 – JP29, EU47 – JP30


5 reviews for Sa-Me Khaki Stitch

  1. 5 out of 5

    An awesome looking shoe that makes any outfit look fantastic! Made of a sturdy and thick canvas material, which I have cleaned numerous times and still hasn’t faded. A super fast and easy method of putting them on, they also have a steel toe which helps the shoe maintain it’s shape very well, but also makes sure you can’t even feel when somebody accidentally steps on your toes. Moreover, the weight of the shoe is still light considering.

    The team at Fugu were nothing short of utterly and overly helpful and very pleasant to deal with. Nothing was ever an issue, rather they always tried to accommodate to every question. Super prompt email replies, always ended with a smile, their customer service is on point. Even down to the way the package looked once it arrived; wrapped carefully and beautifully, with a few added bonuses in there, which was a lovely surprise.

    I have nothing short of excellent to say about Fugu, and I would recommend them as a company, as people, and for the product.

    Much thanks once again and all the best!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Wide Toe Like a Gym Shoe.

    Wide toe box is great for my bunion. Doesn’t sound pretty but hey that’s life. I ordered my standard shoe size and their size to match included a half size larger. Foot has room for a standard & thick outdoor sock. Can roll down sturdy canvas sides to create a different look. I like the inserts, a little arch support, feels comfortable.Thick sole for protection against sharp thorns, stones, flexes easier than my Ahnu hiking shoes. Sole has 1″ rubber edge so good for little-wet pavement. Velcro straps sturdy and adjustable great for my skinny ankles. There is a pad sewn inside for outside ankle bone to prevent rubbing. I purchased to take to warm weather vacation locations for walking casual hikes and streetwear. Can wear with longer skirt, hiking pants/shorts. Easy to slip on and off. Looks like I can machine wash them (remove inserts) and air dry, perfect. Will use everyday.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Functional, great support, and still fashionable!

    Absolutely fantastic!!! I was looking for a pair of shoes that resembled boots, but that you could also use for light running and hiking, all the while staying fashionable.
    These are EXACTLY what I wanted!
    I used some paints to spruce them up a bit but, wow! I am blown away by how perfect they are!
    They have decent support but come with inserts and they feel great!
    They fit perfectly too!
    My only thing I would point out is that the cuffs are shorter than the pictures make them appear (in my eyes at least) , but they are still plenty tall!

    Gosh, seriously will be ordering these again when my first pair goes out.

  4. (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I got my shoes today, and I am extremely happy about the quality and design of the product.They are sturdy, fitting well around the leg,and have the steel cap, perfect for work.But , I am going to use them off the work as well.Very fashionable..just the way they look on the site.!Awesome product,highly recommended!

  5. (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Love these shoes! I am a Machinist and I stand for 13 hours a day on and off concrete. My company requires a safety toe. Finding a vegan work shoe that has a safety toe can be very difficult. I’m glad I found these and gave them a shot! I haven’t even gone through the break in period and they already feel great. I’ve become more agile and nimble. Will purchase again!

  6. Hi
    Thanks for writing us
    Our boots are minimalist 100% vegan, that might makes them less stronger then hard leather and plastic shoes,
    Even tough, 1 year of everyday walking makes a lot for 1 pair.
    Usually with shoes you measure the Kilometer or Miles taken with them and the comfort, time is irrelevant as they can stay new for years if you wear them once a week 🙂
    If you ever wish to get new pair, contact me and I ll issue a special discount coupon.

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