Maguro Grey&Red | Black&Stone


Fugu Maguro’s, supremely flexible sole work boots are made for martial artists, dancers, Parkour athletes, and performing artists. With their distinct looks, form-fitting and rugged style, they make a singular, unique, fashion-forward statement. The Maguro has a water-resistant ability similar to other FUGU’s shoes.



Super high performance – yet extremely fashionable – the Maguro Japanese shoes are the right choice for you!

This model incorporates the high top of the Ka-Ni and snug fit of our Ninja Tabi shoes in its own distinct style.


EU36 – JP23, EU37 – JP23.5, EU38 – JP24, EU38.5 – JP24.5, EU38.5-39 – JP24.5, EU39 – JP25, EU40 –JP25.5, EU41 – JP26, EU42 – JP26.5, EU43 – JP27, EU44 – JP28, EU45.5 – JP29, EU47 – JP30


Black, Grey, Grey & Red, Black & Stone

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If you want to know the exact length of your new shoe, simply measure as in this example (diagonal line and not a straight line) and match it to the closest Japanese shoe size. VERY IMPORTANT: Measure both legs and use the longest line you get as your guide for your shoe size. It is also better to measure twice to make sure you didn’t miss your measurements. Example: if your red line is 24cm on your left foot and 24.5cm on your right foot, you should get the JP24.5 shoe size. Japanese Shoe Size Conversion Chart US/UK
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