Not just a awesome shoe! FUGU shoes also work shoes, their weight and firm grip allow extended work while maintaining posture and comfort.

FUGU - Japanese Work Shoes

FUGU Traditional Japanese shoes used by millions of Japanese all over the world. The uniqueness of the shoe, its lightweight, safety, comfort, and perfect grip make it the shoe of choice for anyone who works in physical, strenuous and prolonged work.

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High in the sky

High in the sky or on land, in a truck or a forklift, our shoes will accompany you whatever you do. How it’s done? With style of-course – Enhanced safety, tight grip, lightweight, breathable canvas and excellent look. Beyond being beautiful shoes people from all over the world buy them for strenuous work. One of their notable benefits is their aid to anyone who works in strenuous and long-hours jobs. Healthy back, leg joints, and optimal blood flow are critical to everyone but especially for those who work in physical jobs. All of those receive great support from our shoes. Our shoes can greatly help anyone who needs a shoe that will help him do their job in an excellent and beneficial way.

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Product Image

We have everything that's good for you

Enjoy the two-way Hook-and-loop fastener technology that ties everything together in select models – it won’t fold your ankle, or your style. Choose from a variety of colors and models for each occasion. And know that our FUGU shoes are protective, sturdy and environmentally friendly.


Remove your current, inferior shoes.
Contemplate your feet.
Picture one part Trend.
Blend in two parts Comfort.
Visualize Trend and Comfort, mingling into finer footwear.
Get yourself a pair of that (very important).
Behold your new FUGU shoes.
Put them on.
Go take a walk.
Repeat daily.

Product Image
Product Image
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