July 03 , 2013

FUGU Defines TORO for You

We have a lot of definitions for TORO. From lawn mowers to fish for sushi, from a district in Peru to a comic book character, and from an asteroid to a guitarist for My Chemical Romance. Unless you really like or need to walk around with sushi between your toes, none of them can readily be worn on your feet. Until now.

fugu toro

The FUGU TORO in black.

FUGU shoes proudly presents TORO. While the FUGU line—now 60 years old—began as footwear for working men and women, the TORO simply oozes comfort. It will definitely have people looking with envy at your feet. And by these samples, it’s easy to see why.

fugu toro

The FUGU TORO in black and white.

Take in first the comfort of knowing that these are vegan-friendly. TORO shoes are superbly flexible for everyday wear. They’re supremely stylish. They’re designed for comfort. And that’s cotton covering the top, sides, and back of your feet, with a hard rubber sole—doing what soles do—between you and the ground.

fugu toro

The FUGU TORO in blue.

Did we mention comfort? While TORO shoes look very delicate, they’re actually quite sturdy, and all without sacrificing in the comfort department. And versatile: wear them with shorts, skirts, pants and dresses. As with all our FUGUs, the TORO shoes are just as popular with men as they are with women. Choose from black, dark blue and white, in an ample range of sizes that are sure to please.

fugu toro

The FUGU TORO: combining style and comfort.

If you want to buy a Toro of the Spanish fighting bull variety through the Internet…well, good luck with the shipping fee. If, however, you want a truly excellent pair of shoes, we highly recommend FUGU’s version of the TORO to you.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.

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