Vegan shoes need not be boring!

Finally there is a boot that is 100% vegan and look amazing!

We love animals that’s why we don’t wear them. Instead, we prefer to have them as pets…. But that does not mean you have to compromise on fashion.

FUGU is the brand that brings you the coolest boots for this year. Anyone who’s into punk, emo, streetwear or simply like to stand out – check out for FUGU online.

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    cathy vilar perrutel

    hello do you sell this shoes in france and is it unisex? my size is 37 EU.
    If you sell it, how much is it?
    thanks, see you 🙂 cathy.

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    this post box was close long time…is there anyway we can help you?
    did you find any of our collection
    we have also a fb page
    thanks & best of luck

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